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Neolithic Period

By the 9th millennium BC sedentary communities are settled in Cyprus. These communities develop a Cypriot cultural package that constitutes the Cypriot Neolithic period of the island. During the Neolithic period people are farmers and hunters. They use stone and bones to make their first tools and later on they develop the working of clay in order to manufacture their first vessels.

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Chalcolithic Period

During the Chalcolithic period people begin to develop the process of metal, namely copper. In Antiquity, Cyprus possessed a large amount of copper. It is said that copper took its name from the name of the island.

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Bronze Age

Sometime in the mid-3rd millennium BC, Cyprus enters the Bronze Age. During the Early and Middle Bronze Age the people of the island live in robust villages situated in some distance from the coast and they use copper in order to manufacture tools for personal use.

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Iron Age

After a turbulent period in the eastern Mediterranean (end of 13th-beginning of 12th c.) the Mycenaean states collapse and their former inhabitants reach Cyprus as economic immigrants. As a result, from the 11th c. BC onwards Greek becomes the main language of Cyprus. The Late Bronze age polities of Cyprus evolve in the Iron Age into the Cypriot city-kingdoms. These are: Salamis, Kition, Amathous, Kourion, Paphos, Soloi, Marion, Lapethos, Idalion, Tamassos and Ledra. Most of these cities have Greek heroes of the Trojan wars as their mythical founders.

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Cyprus Independence

Cyprus gains its independence from British rule.

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Cyprus Joins the EU

Cyprus becomes part of the European Union.

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