Cyprus, the island of Beauty and Love, is the third largest and most well-known island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Characterized by many as “cosmopolitan”, the island of Aphrodite is a famous “bridge” that holds a critical geographical position between three continents.

It is located off the coasts of Syria and Turkey. With amazing natural beauties and with more than 10.000 years of History, Cyprus is a paradise on earth. Cyprus has some of the cleanest beaches in Europe, including the famous Fig Tree Bay, Nissi Beach, Aphrodite’s Rock and Blue Lagoon.

Cyprus is rich in religious monuments, with a number of World Heritage Churches as well as in cultural venues that attract millions of tourists per year. Visitors can enjoy beach life and mountainous adventures within the very same day, due to the short distances the island between each destination. Cyprus has more than 300 days of sunshine and is famous for its top quality food. Come to this beautiful island and be amazed by the authentic hospitality of its great people.