The official languages of Cyprus according to its Constitution of 1960 are Greek and Turkish. Today, Greek and its dialect Cypriot Greek are spoken in the Republic of Cyprus by the Greek Cypriot community.

English, without being an official language, is widely spoken in Cyprus since it is taught in schools from an early age. Also, it is the language of teaching in some universities and institutions. Many Cypriots may also speak other foreign languages - such as French, Russian, Spanish and German - since foreign language learning is widespread in the island. Speaking foreign languages is useful for Cypriots who like to travel a lot and study or work abroad. Also, the island's economy is mainly based on tourism so speaking at least one foreign language is a must for the inhabitants of the island.

Our dialect, Cypriot Greek, is extraordinary. We should all try to preserve it. The "Cypriot Words of the Day" book is a collector’s item that includes the 100 most famous and fun Cypriot words. A perfect gift for anyone that love our unique language.