For those who like traveling and exploring the treasures of Cyprus without spending too much money, the island provides cheap and economical solutions. All you have to do is lounge on the seat of a bus and enjoy the most economical way to travel across the island. Learn here, more information about the fully organized bus transportation system covering the entire island.
intercity buses All intercity buses, bus routes, and bus time schedules between all cities in Cyprus. airport buses All bus routes to and from the two airports, including private operators. Port and marinas bus stops Closest bus stops to the ports where users can see the connecting bus routes. Journey planner Plan a new journey around the island by placing the origin of your journey, the destination and the date and time you wish to depart. Cyprus public transport - bus route map With all bus routes around Cyprus. Bus fares Ticket types, bus fares, city and intercity fares as well airport fares.