Cyprus is a blessed island full of history, nice people and amazing scenery. Even if Cyprus is a small island there is an infinite number of things to do. The island has 10 000 years of history and civilization. If you want to learn more about it you should visit some of the numerous churches, museums and archeological sites. Also, the breathtaking beaches and mountains of Cyprus in combination with its Mediterranean climate make it the ideal place to do sports such as hiking, cycling, skiing and of course water sports.

Cyprus has a vivid nightlife especially in the summer time when the weather is good and the beach bars open their doors. Cypriots like to go out a lot to the different kind of bars and clubs found in all the cities that are open until the first morning hours.

Food plays a crucial role in the life of the locals who enjoy meeting regularly with friends and family, cooking and eating. In Cyprus you can try mouthwatering Mediterranean dishes made out of fresh vegetables, fish or meat.

Music, dance and art are integral parts of social life in Cyprus. So there are many big events to attend. Put in your list the Carnival and Wine Festival of Limassol, Kataklismos Festival in Larnaca and the Kypria Cultural Festival.

One thing is for sure, you will never run out of things to do in Cyprus.